Baby massage

Being touched, caressed and massaged is soul food for your child. The food of love. It needs it like milk. Make time for yourself and your baby to feel that sense of togetherness and closeness.

The massage moves, developed by Vimala McClure-Schneider, the founder of the International Baby  Massage Society, find their origin in Indian and Swedish massage and reflexology techniques. 

Baby massage is a method that has been practiced for millennia and in many countries to support babies in their development and to strengthen the parent-child relationship.

Many scientific studies have already shown how daily massage promotes growth, supports baby biorhythms, improves sleep patterns, promotes motor and neurological development, and can also provide relief from flatulence and colic.

Postnatal depression is less common among the mothers who massage their babies, suggesting that attachment and parental competence are strengthened by the gentle touch and positive contact with the baby.

I show you the massage moves on a baby doll.

Your baby will only be massaged by you.

My baby massage classes not only show the massage strokes, but also explain the different states of consciousness your baby is going through, so you will understand your baby's signals and body language even better.

There is enough time and space for parents to respond to the needs of their children and to share with each other the joys and challenges of being a parent.

The course includes 'gentle exercises' that have their origins in yoga. These exercises stretch the arms and legs and mobilize both brain halves of the baby, which is a great advantage for motor development.

We meet in small groups of up to 6 participants, on request also individual sessions at your home. Special needs babies, premature babies, babies with disabilities, adopted children, and their parents are welcome.

It is also possible for 2 to 3 mothers to arrange a mini-group together. We need a warm and comfortable place, a waterproof pad, cotton diaper and something to drink.

If find a good time in your daily routine to massage your baby during, the massage becomes a means of communication that is available to you during your entire parental life.

The baby massage can be started with babies at the age of 6 weeks.

Massaged babies are more relaxed and attentive.

Home visits and individual sessions on request


The offer is available as a voucher.

With the agreed appointment or payment of the fee, the conditions (Terms and Conditions - General Terms and Conditions) are recognized.

After each meeting it is possible to arrange a massage appointment. The babies are always welcome with me and in the room during the massage.


Courses 75 € including oil and course materials

Home visits: 3 appointments 180 €

plus directions